it's the small things

From Style.com...

NEW YORK, September 14, 2009
By Nicole Phelps
Marc Jacobs is tired of seeing young girls wearing black and studs. "It's not such an individual expression," he said after his terrific Spring show.

Marc's words are music to my ears.

What is the opposite of studs and leather? Pearls and meticulously crafted silk.

The stud & spike phase was marvelous- but it peaked at Mary-Kate's Givenchy jacket during the Paris shows in '08 and Rodarte's horned Louboutins from FW '08.

I'm not dying over this collection, but it's a start- a movement- towards something different than what we've been seeing. These garments are crafted, not torn and shredded and that's something I can roll with love.bugs.


S.I.Q. said...

i agree!
are you greek??

Coconuts & Coppertone said...

i am- half:)

Tigerlily said...

he's so right, I was just beginning to think that studs were becoming completely overplayed... beautiful collection :)

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