perched upon a rocky cliff

Doesn't the cloud look like whipped cream atop Molokai?

Drove along Route 340 the other day.
Tons of gorgeous rocky cliffs like this... Makes for a long ride considering all the stopping I do to take in the scenery.

340 is literally- literally- beyond fortunate it is so breathtakingly beautiful, because it is the MOST dangerous road to drive on.
3/4 of the highway is one lane... One lane for both directions to share. Oh, and it's also teetering on the ocean's cliffs ridiculously high up.

I'm whining aren't I...
My apologies.
I'm most recently from NYC via Brooklyn, which means car service and the subway. Not death.trap rental cars on roads so treacherous not even the devil would travel.

I forgot to wear a bathing.suit that day and figured myself fortunate that I was wearing this bodysuit. Same idea, right?

Bodysuit- AA


my hog & i

Yes, I'm prancing around in my panties.

Earlier this summer, the boy got a custom.made road bike whose price tag could have covered a Chanel 2.55 with a bit left over to purchase a pair of vintage Ted Lapidus sunnies and possibly then some.

However, since I clearly have zero intention of Tour De Maui'ing with him, we scoped out a cruiser for me and my dalliances.
(Mainly just cruising to the beach, really... I'm a simple girl)

It's hot as hades today.

I've been laying on the cool tile in my itty-bittys all day eating copious amounts of pineapple and tuna.
It's quite a sight- let me tell you.

Didn't go to the beach because we're doing the Road to Hana this week and need to plan where we want to stop etcetc.
The Road to Hana is supposed to be surreally gorgeous- I'm pumped we're finally doing it.
Waterfalls, spring pools, tropical fields, and cliffs for jumping galore.

Naturally, I won't be going on my hog... I don't know if my baby could handle it.

Shirt- the boys, Bottoms- Calvin Klein, Sunnies- vendor on St. Marks, Necklace (worn as chain)- H&M


tin roof

This morning has been stellar.

Amazing coffee (Kona Vanilla Macadamia, cream, sugar)

A decent- finally- American Vogue (great features on Gabriel Orozco, Michelle Williams, Phoebe Philo and a killer couture spread)

Bowl of cereal (Cheerios, organic whole milk)

Research going well (no procrastination, new ideas)

Vitamin-D (sunshine)

Shirt- vintage


dirty laundry

You know how you always hear mothers telling their sons to quit playing with their boy.parts because they're not going anywhere?
I am that boy- but instead I'm a girl who wont quit playing with her boobs.

Annnnyywayys... TMI perhaps.

I've been watching past seasons of "30 Rock" and I can't get enough. I want Tina Fey and Bill Clinton to rule the world.

I purchased a new hair oil yesterday and I'm stoked it use it tonight.

I also purchased tickets to see Ghostland Observatory in NYC in December even though I have yet to book a return flight home... Opps.

I finished Noa Noa by Gauguin yesterday on the beach and it was amazing.

....That's all for my ramble session.

Crochet top- ebay, Bikini bottom- Maui Girls, Scarf- H&M

neil krug.hawaii.style

A different version of the same... Krug's photographs taken in Kuaui... Pseudo.vintage Hawaii... mmmmmm


fish sticks

One night this summer I was at my second job (fashion industry pays crap- bartending does not) and was running around like crazy and ripped this top. I had purchased it less than a week before and was ready to crack.skulls.bummed.
As if she was dropped out of the sky by Baby Jesus, a head.honcho of Calypso happened to be there and upon recognizing my torn garb, offered to send me a new one from the warehouse. Naturally, I never thought I would get a new one but thought she was sugar for offering.
I got a package later that week... I couldn't believe she actually sent me a new tunic.

Moral of today's story- sometimes people surprise you and rockoutwiththeircocksout.

I love that my street ends at a rocky beach. The boy and I walked down to relax and take in the waves after dinner tonight... I almost forgot how much I love the sound of the ocean.

Tunic- Calypso, Slippers- Old Navy


beach goddess part. II

Though it likely didn't happen often enough, the princess from Monaco enjoyed the sand & surf like the rest of us and though the documentation is sparce, these pictures are fierce proof.

All photos- tfs


true romance

The sky, pink hibiscus', pink toenails

head, shoulders, knees and toes

I'm pretty sure an older surfer dude was trying to make me an inspiration for an episode of SVU today by offering to show me a "secret cove" beach.
I politely declined.

Finished Lolita- the last 15 pages made the book for me.

Bikini- Old Navy (...from highschool)


it's the small things

From Style.com...

NEW YORK, September 14, 2009
By Nicole Phelps
Marc Jacobs is tired of seeing young girls wearing black and studs. "It's not such an individual expression," he said after his terrific Spring show.

Marc's words are music to my ears.

What is the opposite of studs and leather? Pearls and meticulously crafted silk.

The stud & spike phase was marvelous- but it peaked at Mary-Kate's Givenchy jacket during the Paris shows in '08 and Rodarte's horned Louboutins from FW '08.

I'm not dying over this collection, but it's a start- a movement- towards something different than what we've been seeing. These garments are crafted, not torn and shredded and that's something I can roll with love.bugs.

flower.child & a never.ending summer

My tan lines are offensive.
This bikini bottom is also offensively itty-bitty.
Oh well.

I brought a serious collection of books to read while I'm here and I'm so eager to get to my next book (The Aeneid), that I've been fervently rushing through my present book (Lolita) to get my fingers on it. I have enjoyed Lolita, but it is far from being a favorite. I'm uber.curious what motivated Nabokov to write such a story.

Never ending summer= I'll leave 70% of the world to their Monclers and Sorels... Just give me to my bikini's and slip.dresses.

Bottom- VS, Scarf (tied as top)- Pencey
Scrumptious words- WildFox


wise words

"Adam Lippes is clear on his "mythical muse," as he puts it: the gyp-setting girl who's equally at home in New York City, Paris, or a tiny hut on the Indian Ocean." -Style.com review on ADAM SS'10 show

Doesn't every girl want to be that girl?
Words so delicious... I want to eat them.

Kimono- vintage, Top- Eres


I think I'm going to seriously regret wearing this chain today. Can you say t a n l i n e s..?
Today was stiflingly hot. Sat in the sand for only a bit before retreating and giving my skin some shade and TLC (aka cocoa butter).

As everyone well knows, NYC Fashion Week is well underway. After talking to my industry friends who are giddy to flit from one show to the next, I had immediate envy. HOWEVER- my initial envy quickly simmered and a sense of peace overcame me. The whole reason for me leaving NY was because I was exhausted and drained of all that once made me who I am. After much reflection, I realized that, yes, I love fashion -- but not enough to work in it anymore. Fashion used to be my escape and if I didn't do something quick, it was going to be the demise of imagination and glee.
....And that, my darlings, is my thought for the day.

Oyyyy I'm boring myself.
I got a few of these crochet tops on ebay a while back and I'm stoked to finally wear them. They help bring out my hippy.dippy.
The boy has been on a kick of watching late-night chick flicks and it's quite worrisome.
Ok that's all. I'm off to make some aloe water. Should be interesting...

Crochet top- ebay, Bottom- VS, Shirt- Marshalls (old lady section & $3... chickachickayeaahhh), Necklace as body chain- H&M


blinded by the light

It's so bright today I can barely open my eyes despite rocking sunnies.
I've realized that I already have a Hawaii uniform=
  • Bikini or bandeau top
  • Short little something.something to cover my derriere
  • Pastels
I guess I'm finally living out my island wardrobe fantasy.
Today is Fashions Night Out in my prior homebase of NYC. I'm not at all P.O.ed I'm missing it but I have soldiers pounding the pavement on my behalf (and their own, naturally) anyway- so I'm there in spirit. Annnnywaaays.... Borrrriinng.
Am off on my new cruiser to the beach. I discovered a small beach close to our cottage and I'm stoked I won't have to trek if I feel like playing in the sand for only a short bit.

Scarf (worn as top)- Calypso, Skirt- Target, Sunnies- vendor on St. Marks


surf & shower

Ventured to the other side of the island today to scope out the beaches in Kihei.
Surf was miniscule in comparison to waves on Maui's North shore where we are, but it made it that much more laid back and chill- which was nice.
Alright, off to make lemonade...

Top - Zimmerman, Bottom- Maui Girls


the original beach goddess

Bridgette Bardot was the original beach beauty. She always looked so at peace in her infamous bikinis, rolling around in the sand and frolicking in the waves.

All photos - tfs