my hog & i

Yes, I'm prancing around in my panties.

Earlier this summer, the boy got a custom.made road bike whose price tag could have covered a Chanel 2.55 with a bit left over to purchase a pair of vintage Ted Lapidus sunnies and possibly then some.

However, since I clearly have zero intention of Tour De Maui'ing with him, we scoped out a cruiser for me and my dalliances.
(Mainly just cruising to the beach, really... I'm a simple girl)

It's hot as hades today.

I've been laying on the cool tile in my itty-bittys all day eating copious amounts of pineapple and tuna.
It's quite a sight- let me tell you.

Didn't go to the beach because we're doing the Road to Hana this week and need to plan where we want to stop etcetc.
The Road to Hana is supposed to be surreally gorgeous- I'm pumped we're finally doing it.
Waterfalls, spring pools, tropical fields, and cliffs for jumping galore.

Naturally, I won't be going on my hog... I don't know if my baby could handle it.

Shirt- the boys, Bottoms- Calvin Klein, Sunnies- vendor on St. Marks, Necklace (worn as chain)- H&M


Sabrina said...

lovely !

if you want some updates from the fashion weeks (models style, fashion editors etc...) check out my blog, I'd be very happy :)

Lilee said...

cool header and photos!

S.Elisabeth said...

soo jealous! wish i could be in the hot weather in next to nothing!
love the bike!!

CharmaineLi said...

Aww cute photos! You must love your bike!!!!

Gillian said...

I did road to hana with my fam a few years back. its beyond words. take a million pics!!

thesydneygirl said...

i love how you posted yourself in your undies. doesn't look too showy with that top :) sexy girl!!!!! and yes how hot are those shoes in romance was born, and the colours and just everything haha xxx

UnoCosa said...

indeed, very sexy, still very innocently beautiful!!! xoxo

WJ said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, can I say that you look stunning! Kudos to you for having the guts to strip down on your blog, haha...but you look very casual chic and not too showy at all. Lovely photos too.

stilettostetico said...

Woooow I really like the way you decline "art of cycling" on such a "BOMBnextDoor-eque" way, It sounds very/delightfully "laid back SEXYness under the Scorching sun" !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

le pearl said...

Love these images and from what I have read sounds liek you are in paradise! Here in Australia, you know your in paradise when its 35 degrees, the beach is calling and tuna and pinapple are on the menu!