flower.child & a never.ending summer

My tan lines are offensive.
This bikini bottom is also offensively itty-bitty.
Oh well.

I brought a serious collection of books to read while I'm here and I'm so eager to get to my next book (The Aeneid), that I've been fervently rushing through my present book (Lolita) to get my fingers on it. I have enjoyed Lolita, but it is far from being a favorite. I'm uber.curious what motivated Nabokov to write such a story.

Never ending summer= I'll leave 70% of the world to their Monclers and Sorels... Just give me to my bikini's and slip.dresses.

Bottom- VS, Scarf (tied as top)- Pencey
Scrumptious words- WildFox


thesydneygirl said...

absolutely gorgeous and glamorous! <3

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there is no such thing as to small for men or women!

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