dirty laundry

You know how you always hear mothers telling their sons to quit playing with their boy.parts because they're not going anywhere?
I am that boy- but instead I'm a girl who wont quit playing with her boobs.

Annnnyywayys... TMI perhaps.

I've been watching past seasons of "30 Rock" and I can't get enough. I want Tina Fey and Bill Clinton to rule the world.

I purchased a new hair oil yesterday and I'm stoked it use it tonight.

I also purchased tickets to see Ghostland Observatory in NYC in December even though I have yet to book a return flight home... Opps.

I finished Noa Noa by Gauguin yesterday on the beach and it was amazing.

....That's all for my ramble session.

Crochet top- ebay, Bikini bottom- Maui Girls, Scarf- H&M


alwayslistentoyourart said...

I love the scarf of your head!
you've got a great blog

Valeriesoh said...

oh my, you are living the life I totally envy. I told my bf two months ago that in december I will take a one year break from being an editor and doing tv to move to cali or bali. he said ok and all we are going to do it surf.

but... I am afraid of boredom, has it been getting boring yet?

Anonymous said...

LOVE that top!

La Chauve-Souris said...

cool top very hippy like!!!

Mens swimwear said...

I love that you wear skimpy bikinis all day long
wish I could!

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