aloha.aloha.aloha... a thousand times aloha

My time in paradise is nearing an end.

I am so sad to leave...

...Yet so excited to return to my family and friends.

The only reason I was able to blog at all was because of the lifestyle I maintained here in Hawaii.
Not having to work sure is delightful!

Sadly, I must begin work again upon my return, which means rare free time. Which means little blogging. Which for me means no blogging at all.
There's not much worse than a blog that goes untended to for great lengths of time.
I refuse to do that- Because if you're going to do something, do it fabulously.

I'll of course continue to bum around the blogosphere and will keep pretty active with my Tumblr so stop by once and a while!

Whenever you feel cold and miss the sun... Coconuts & Coppertone will be a dependable remedy... It's always summer here :)



Home may have colorful personalities...

But it simply cannot compete with the colors of Maui

lava sand

Looky looky I got Hooky.

Goofing off at the black sand beach in Hana.

I'm in love with my old-lady, 80's shorts... Beyond in love.

At the end of the day, I take solace is knowing that life's a beach and I like to splash around in it.

Bodysuit- AA, Shorts- Vintage, Shirt- Random $3 steal


lavender fields forever

I journeyed to the Haleakala Crater to explore Maui's infamous Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm yesterday.

The farm was gorgeous beyond comprehension.

We took a tour of the grounds that included not only an impressive 45 varieties of lavender, but the stunning surrounding gardens.

**(Imagine air saturated with the scent of lavender and George Lucas' estate further up the fields while viewing these)


half & half

The New Yorkers have come and left, returning to the urban island we love so much with bronzed skin and sunnier outlooks.

I, on the other hand, was left with some seriously cropped hair.
My great friend, Rich, cuts and styles hair for friends and rich Park Avenue women when he's not making magic happen in the garment district. Needless to say, he couldn't wait to get his paws on my mane and took off 6+ inches of my hair and about 4 inches from our girlfriend Tia's hair. After he blew-out our styles, I looked like a Studio 54 regular and she looked like a Korean school girl... Both in a bitchingly fabulous way.

Today we welcome the boy's mother for a week and needless to say, I'm scrambling to get our cottage in order before her plane lands.
I have to tackle two loads of laundry, clean our place top to bottom, and dispose of the copious amount of empty vodka and tequila bottles we killed this weekend.

PS- Check out my blinged-out toes. I went in aiming to just get OPI's Sweetheart (tried and true favorite), but left with nail art and glitter upon my piggies. I felt left out when all the employees were decorating each other's nails and wanted in on the fun.
I get it now.
I used to disdain nail art and ruled it for tackiness only, but I truly am a convert... And I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Sarong- Calypso


naive melody

Sat on the beach all day listening to Talking Heads on loop... "This Must be the Place" style.

Life is good.

PS- This Maui lifeguard sends his undying love...


we all float on

This week has been mayhem.
I've had to:
  • Search for a new apartment from 6,000 miles away
  • Rally friends to act as my proxies and go look at said apartments
  • Followed by securing the final apartment
  • Arrange a moving date and reserve moving equipment
  • Rally various family members to help with said move
  • Rework my resume and reconnect with old contacts
  • Begin preparations for 2 weeks worth of visitors
  • Try to sneak in beach time for my daily vitamin-D intake
Go figure, all the people who booked tickets to come visit are coming literally within hours of one another.

A few former co-workers are going to visit and the bed situation is looking dire. Thankfully, the boy volunteered to go camping, which means one less person in our tiny cottage... I think there's only so much sexual harassment he can handle from my pervy gays anyway.

Just as well, this means we can all misbehave without the bad guy around (bad guy being the voice of reason that is my love).

Dress- Sestra Maja