lavender fields forever

I journeyed to the Haleakala Crater to explore Maui's infamous Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm yesterday.

The farm was gorgeous beyond comprehension.

We took a tour of the grounds that included not only an impressive 45 varieties of lavender, but the stunning surrounding gardens.

**(Imagine air saturated with the scent of lavender and George Lucas' estate further up the fields while viewing these)


liana said...

wow, what interesting plants.
very exotic and interesting textures!

an three said...

thank you :)
i love the photos!

la petite fashionista said...

i remember leaving our hotel at 2 am to drive up haleaklala to watch the sun rise.

enjoying your pictures & stories of hawaii :)

Lu said...

wow what a beautiful place and lovely photos :)

Christina said...

oh I love your blog! It's always been my dream to be able to live the beach life for a while! So many amazing photos! And I love your tropical beach-style :)