I just finished doing last minute organizing and packing with my mother and grandmother because if I have my way I would pack my entire wardrobe, book collection... Basically my entire life. I need supervision apparently.
In the midst of being questioned how on earth I have 15+ bikinis but no sneakers and hiking apparel (I plan on becoming a hiking extraordinaire, FYI), I realized I need to make some serious plane ride playlists.

Tons of reggae, tons of classic rock, tons of homoliciousness = puuurrrfection.



My name is Caitrin and I am a soon-to-be former New Yorker who is taking a leave of absence from the NYC fashion rat race in favor of a temporary life of coconuts and sunscreen.
I'm pond jumping from the island of Manhattan to the island of Maui. I guess I have a thing for being water logged.
I also have a thing for things that are beautiful, sparkly and a bit strange -- I hope to bring you all this from my little cottage on the beach in Hawaii (of which I will reside with my beautiful, strange man).

So give me love and I will give you a glimpse of a life of bikinis, avocado trees, surfer boys, volcano hiking, and frolics on sandy beaches.

mound of clothes

Organizing and packing several years of garment collecting is quite possibly worse than the torture methods used in Guantanamo.
In Hawaii, my gorgeous vintage collectibles are irrelevant - same for anything silk, tulle, and items whose purchase price was over $200. I scoured through the mess in search of:
  • Bikinis
  • Cotton and linen garments of all kinds
  • Sundresses
  • Light, layering pieces
  • Sarongs / Scarves
Some silk snuck into the pile but I'm deeming it necessary.
Naturally, I thought I wouldn't have to edit after sorting through everything, and hopefully I wont. Packing my suitcases will resemble me trying to squeeze into my (very) old stand-by size 38 Dolce. HA, I wish.
Everything I hope to take was thrown on my bed for further editing.