mound of clothes

Organizing and packing several years of garment collecting is quite possibly worse than the torture methods used in Guantanamo.
In Hawaii, my gorgeous vintage collectibles are irrelevant - same for anything silk, tulle, and items whose purchase price was over $200. I scoured through the mess in search of:
  • Bikinis
  • Cotton and linen garments of all kinds
  • Sundresses
  • Light, layering pieces
  • Sarongs / Scarves
Some silk snuck into the pile but I'm deeming it necessary.
Naturally, I thought I wouldn't have to edit after sorting through everything, and hopefully I wont. Packing my suitcases will resemble me trying to squeeze into my (very) old stand-by size 38 Dolce. HA, I wish.
Everything I hope to take was thrown on my bed for further editing.

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