My name is Caitrin and I am a soon-to-be former New Yorker who is taking a leave of absence from the NYC fashion rat race in favor of a temporary life of coconuts and sunscreen.
I'm pond jumping from the island of Manhattan to the island of Maui. I guess I have a thing for being water logged.
I also have a thing for things that are beautiful, sparkly and a bit strange -- I hope to bring you all this from my little cottage on the beach in Hawaii (of which I will reside with my beautiful, strange man).

So give me love and I will give you a glimpse of a life of bikinis, avocado trees, surfer boys, volcano hiking, and frolics on sandy beaches.


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Hey we both live in Hawaii!! That's so cool! I've never been to Maui yet! I want to go to New York so bad though! xxoxoxoxo

margaret said...

LOVE IT! cant wait for this blog :)