aloha.aloha.aloha... a thousand times aloha

My time in paradise is nearing an end.

I am so sad to leave...

...Yet so excited to return to my family and friends.

The only reason I was able to blog at all was because of the lifestyle I maintained here in Hawaii.
Not having to work sure is delightful!

Sadly, I must begin work again upon my return, which means rare free time. Which means little blogging. Which for me means no blogging at all.
There's not much worse than a blog that goes untended to for great lengths of time.
I refuse to do that- Because if you're going to do something, do it fabulously.

I'll of course continue to bum around the blogosphere and will keep pretty active with my Tumblr so stop by once and a while!

Whenever you feel cold and miss the sun... Coconuts & Coppertone will be a dependable remedy... It's always summer here :)


churfera said...

I'm so sorry... well, paradise could be wherever we are so let's go to Rapsody of you and good luck with this new life!

Noelle Chantal said...

aww you are leaving the paradise soon.. that's so sad. i will miss your dreamy seascape posts. you know i'm really fond of the sea, sand, sky. i live in a tropical country with a forever summer land.

anyways, good luck and i hope you'll still update your blog if you have time.

and oh i really like all your summery fabrics and swimsuits you wear here. now, i miss to sea the see. go check out my blog to see my new seascape photos i know you will like it! :)

Bubu said...

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Anonymous said...

love your blog
thanks for sharing darling

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Anonymous said...

aw girl ill miss your posts, hope you had an awesome time is Hawaii although im sure you did, hope everything works out well when you get home

Marloes. said...

I like your blog!


Addicted to Design said...

Woow!! I really really like your photos!!
Follow you! ;)

mathea said...

i love your blog ;) maybe you don't remember but i'm one of the 2 girls of poupees-de-la-realite .. check out my blog if u want to! xoxo