fish sticks

One night this summer I was at my second job (fashion industry pays crap- bartending does not) and was running around like crazy and ripped this top. I had purchased it less than a week before and was ready to crack.skulls.bummed.
As if she was dropped out of the sky by Baby Jesus, a head.honcho of Calypso happened to be there and upon recognizing my torn garb, offered to send me a new one from the warehouse. Naturally, I never thought I would get a new one but thought she was sugar for offering.
I got a package later that week... I couldn't believe she actually sent me a new tunic.

Moral of today's story- sometimes people surprise you and rockoutwiththeircocksout.

I love that my street ends at a rocky beach. The boy and I walked down to relax and take in the waves after dinner tonight... I almost forgot how much I love the sound of the ocean.

Tunic- Calypso, Slippers- Old Navy