tom tom club

I have a serious love affair with cereal.
I've been known to eat an entire box of Cinnamon Life in one sitting.
It's too delicious.
Took my work and breakfast on the porch this morning.
It's been equally as delicious.


KATIA said...

I love cereal too! :) Cute top!

churfera said...

Lovely lovely lovely lovelyyyyy!
I love breakfasts!

deep_in_vogue said...

Love Cinnamon Life! And wow you look absolutely stunning, the eyelet top is amazing!

Poupées de la réalité said...

i'm already waiting for a new post - like your photos so much ! ;)

Nerdic.. said...

The first picture is pretty!!
X, fashion-nerdic.

Grace Like Kelly said...

im a cereal girl also....no need for dinner a yummy bowl of cereal or two and im the happiest girl ever!