glitter days

Bed head.

One of my favorite habits I picked up in my time here, is sitting on the porch with a glass of lemon & aloe infused water every morning after rolling out of bed and where I get a feel for the weather and play with the cats.
(Lemon & aloe infused water is a recipe I became all too familiar with after making it for my old boss several times a week. Her doctor telling her to go on a vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free diet was the worst thing that ever happen to me).
(Crazy cat lady, I know).
Sadly, it's cloudy today.

I'm in a strange mood lately.
One part of me is so excited to go home in a month; to see my family & friends and get my life started in a new direction.
The other part of me is sad and unwilling to leave this little island I've come to love so much. I will miss the peace of mind it has given me and the sunshine.
Oh the sun the sun the sun the sun.

I know what weather awaits me in the Northeast, and I've decided to completely block all thought of it out until I'm actually there, freezing my ass off.
There has been more than one conversations between my mother and I where she's told me the temperature is below 30 degrees... All while I've been laying on the beach, perving on surfer boys.
Oh the humanity...

Alright, I'm off to fix myself some iced coffee.


the gorgeous said...

I've just stopped by your blog and read about your mood.. I empathize with you, I love the SUN, the beach, and hate the cold winter.. but NY has nothing to envy to Hawaii!
Enjoy your last month ;)

Dylana said...

YOu look so natural and fresh! Love it!


UnoCosa said...

so, are you coming back to new york?? somehow, i had impression that it is where you come from - in either case, changes are the best - it keep things fresh!!! i envy your island life - wish i can make a change in near future! and you are always very sensual and lovely, xx