bar people are my my favorite people

Big Beach at Makena.

Photobucket deleted every photo I uploaded from yesterday, save this lone soldier...
So funny I can do nothing but laugh. I'm a security threat. HA. Overall I could care less about what people think about my lack of appropriate clothing- I'm on vacation in Hawaii for christs sake.
You better bet I'm going to be half.naked as much as I can, while I can. Because before you know it, I'll be back in icy New York longing for a roll in the sand. I don't believe in regrets; never mind regrets for appropriateness' sake.

After the surf & sand, we had a slow, lazy lunch at a local burger joint.
Wrote down my all.time favorite spirits on a cocktail napkin-

Favorite Whiskey- Knappogue Castle or Jameson
Favorite Gin- Hendricks
Favorite Vodka- Boru
Favorite Tequila- Cazadores or Patron Silver
Favorite Bourbon- Woodford Reserve
Favorite White- Chablis
Favorite Red- Can't go wrong with a Bordeaux older than your parents
Favorite Sparkling- ANY
I don't trust people who drink Rum + Never acquired a taste for it = Therefore I don't drink it

I'm getting thirsty... Irish thirsty...

Bikini- VS


churfera said...

Great post! great vacations! hope you enjoy them!

Gillian said...

you look ay-may-zing

UnoCosa said...

oh! you have no idea how i am jealous of your life under the sun and on the beach ... haha!!! sometimes, i felt that i should just leave and go somewhere for a length of period ..... anyway, about the pattern on the dress - it's kind like a combination of checker and herringbone - see you around often, xoxo

loft in soho said...

vacations!!!! hope you enjoy dear,

and thanks for your visit,


Sofi said...

Haha, love your attitude! You enjoy that vacation :) I wish i could fly to Hawaii (or any warm and sunny place really, England and Swedden need not apply) and spend my life on the beach.

stilettostetico said...

OOoooh AND this "half-naked style" ideally suits to your Siren's silhouette Dear !!!
ps: I really like the way your swimsuit tones Here create a so subtle/sexy nudity illusion . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine