My body is aching from hiking the other day- an unpleasant reminder to seriously consider taking up exercise.

  • A never.ending glass of Knappogue Castle (neat)
  • Pizza from L & B Spumoni in Bedsonhurst (I'm salivating thinking about it)
  • My Rene Furterer Karite creme I forgot to pack (stupid.stupid girl)
  • The sunshine (MIA today)
  • Monsoon Wedding (favorite movie, which I also forget to bring with me)
I saw this two.piece and almost died from laughter.
So ridiculous.
So tacky.
Yet so precious.
It's the perfect island ensemble- I had to own it.

Two.piece- vintage


Damsels said...

let me just say all the hiking is doing you good .. is tthat creepy .?

well im jealous to be frank maybe i should hike

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

love this retro look ;)

churfera said...

I love summer, beach and surf, so I had to discover your blog and I really love it so much!
So I add you to mine, I'm following yours!

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